West Michigan Chapter Events

Our Learning Chair creates an annual theme and monthly chapter meetings and events where we can experience world-class educational programs in a wide variety of engaging subjects; whether it’s cutting edge business seminars or discovering the abundance of fresh resources and talent, all the while showcasing the best of West Michigan, Mid American Region and the world at large.



November 11, 2019
Member Expo and the Greatest Generation

This event is the ultimate opportunity to network with your peers! Collaborate with other member companies & showcase your business and capabilities in a private, “Only-in-YPO” trade show style setting



October 16, 2019
Stealing Fire
Flow Science with Steven Kotler

It’s the biggest revolution you’ve never heard of, and it’s hiding in plain sight. Over the past decade, Silicon Valley executives like Eric Schmidt and Elon Musk, Special Operators like the Navy SEALs and the Green Berets, and maverick scientists like Sasha Shulgin and Amy Cuddy have turned everything we thought we knew about high-performance upside down. Instead of grit, better habits, or 10,000 hours, these trailblazers have found a surprising shortcut. They’re harnessing rare and controversial states of consciousness to solve critical challenges and outperform the competition.



March 25, 2019
The Happiness Advantage
Featuring: Shawn Achor

This event is for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity, The Happiness Advantage at its core is about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mind-set to achieve the extraordinary in our work and in our lives. Shawn Achor is the bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential. He spent 12 years at Harvard, where he won over a dozen distinguished teaching awards, and delivered lectures on positive psychology in the most popular class at Harvard.



September 12, 2018
Couples Retreat 2018
Mackinac Island, MI

Partnership, Trust, Communication; important in any business relationship – critical in your most important family connections. Join your fellow members and spouses and take a moment away from the frenetic pace of life to deepen the bond needed to achieve success in every aspect of life. World-class resources will explore topics of communication, creating a family mission statement, raise children in the digital age and more, all in the idyllic setting of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island. Reserve your place now and set the stage to grow your Ripple Effect.